Ways to Go Big with Flowers for Your Dream Wedding

If you want to plan a wedding that will be remembered, one that people will talk about for the rest of their lives, think big. “Often when I work with brides who have impeccable taste and a budget to match, one of their desires is to be published,” says celebrated wedding floral designer Holly Cellini, founder of MyFloralBliss. “They want to share the beauty and creativity of their magical day with the world.” 

There are a many ways to do just that with the elegance and statement-making power of flowers. Here are three ways to go big with flowers for your dream wedding:

Create an elaborate floral pattern to royally welcome the bride down the aisle.

Using beautiful, fragrant rose petals, the design can be arranged into meaningful patterns, initials, symbols or anything unique to your style and special day.

Design a stunning focal point to define the ceremony space.

You can use over-sized flower arrangements, columns and archways. Working with a gifted and creative floral designer, you can create a ceremony focal point that is a spectacular backdrop for your photography. My Floral Bliss’ signature offering is an extravagant 10’ x 10’ flower wall featuring 1,500 hydrangeas and 800 roses. It is a sight to behold.

Make the head table the center of attention.

This is where the bride and groom and the head table are sitting. Even if the table centerpieces are modestly elegant, a stunningly appointed head table or sweetheart table is a feature your guests will talk about for years to come.

“When you invest the time, thought and resources to create the wedding of your dreams, the satisfaction is euphoric. Pure bliss,” she says.

For more elegant ideas and consulting for your wedding, visit www.myfloralbliss.com or call (888) 77-BLISS. And follow us on Facebook and Instagram @myfloralbliss.


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